P.B.S. Company Profile

The PetroBaltic Services (P.B.S.) was established in 1988.

Presently, it is one of the largest commercial and General Trading company for supplying all kind of Petrochemicals, chemical and industrial product in the world. 


The PetroBaltic Services (P.B.S.) as one of the highest experienced skills in international markets , which has provided the procurement and sourcing services in all over the world during past years. PBS is one of the biggest General Trading company for raw materials and chemical product and equipment suppliers in different industries. Our company establishment is going back to 1998 and we are proud of having a customer satisfaction with the highest possible quality according to international recognized standards as our first target and offering a very competitive price, terms and conditions.


We are supplying a variety rang of European, UK, Middle East  and USA manufactured raw materials ,chemical and products, which can be used in refineries, petrochemical companies, and factories.
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